The State of Marijuana Domain Names

“It’s no secret that some of the best marijuana domain names have already been sold. Obtaining a premium name now is a very smart move!”

The importance of “.com” in marijuana domain names:

Most of the great marijuana domain names that have the TLD of .com are either already taken or are being taken at a very fast rate. While this still leaves all the hundreds of other TLD’s you can purchase for a name, unless the name you have obtained is a .com then all the others really don’t matter much. Studies have shown the largest percentage of people will default to typing the .com at the end of a name.

Marijuana Domain Names Disappearing Fast

With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana happening in many states and even more states anticipated to be legalized soon, there are many who are buying up all the best marijuana domain names right now as you read this. Those who obtain the best domain names now related to the marijuana industry will be in the best position and ready for the marijuana industry boom that is already taking place.

What Makes A Great Marijuana Domain Name?

Domain names containing a key word such as “Marijuana”, “Cannabis or “Weed” are just some examples of what to go for. These are the key words that people will be using in their searches more than others. It helps to have key words such as these as part of the domain name, and of course helps make your site more easily remembered.

The Value Of Marijuana Domains Will Skyrocket!

We have already seen the value of premium marijuana domain names increase at a very rapid rate. It is anticipated that we will see even a bigger increase in prices as more States come on line with legalization. Even our marijuana domain names for sale here at marijuana domain reseller are anticipated to increase in value many times over the next few years.

Get Aggressive And Purchase Now!

The best advice that we can give anyone is: “right now is the best time to get aggressive and purchase a great .com marijuana domain name fast before they are really gone. If you are looking for one of the best investments then perhaps purchasing a premium marijuana domain is a great idea!

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